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Inject something on the face of the womanDermatology is a branch of medicine that primarily deals with the conditions of the skin, hair, nails and all of their disorders and diseases. It can be in the form of medical, non-surgical, and cosmetic with invasive or non-invasive procedures. Dermatology is necessary for the comprehensive and complex formulations for their therapies that can be adaptive and effective for a myriad of dermatological problems.

Getting your dermatological creams, sprays, powders, oral dosage forms (lozenges and flavored troches) from a licensed and specialized compounding pharmacy can benefit your clients and company because if these medications become compatible and simplified in terms of medication administration, you will experience improvement in terms of compliance.

Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding develop unique formulations to meet the specific needs of the patient population you have! We provide the most effective and legitimately-approved compounded medications related to the treatment of skin problems! For more information and assistance, you may call us today at this number: 201-942-9777. You can also email us at!

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