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Absorption Enhancement

MedicineAbsorption enhancement is the use of functional, adhesive substances in the making of an active drug. These additional ingredients are used to improve or increase the absorption of the medicine in the body by enhancing the penetrability of a particular covering layer. The body is composed with different sheaths as a form of defense mechanism from different external interventions which includes medicines.

While oral dosage is the most friendly and convenient mode of medication administration, this medium is not possible for all active compounds. Plus, oral medicines can sometimes be poor in terms of solubility and absorbency towards the targeted membrane or site. Absorption enhancement helps the medicines to be dissolved efficiently in the body instead of just being flushed away. Absorption enhancement is a “needle-free delivery” which encourages compliance from patients. Also, absorption enhancement is an economic advantage by reducing the waste of the drug material as a few doses are needed due to its significant effects.

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