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Dosage Forms

Tablet MedicineDosage forms are wide-range of formulations of medications to treat different illnesses and health problems. They can be in a form of tablets, liquids, suppositories, and transdermal gels. Route of administration also affects the patients’ compliance with their medications. For instance, a patient with compromised bowel may be well with a liquid dosage form while a patient wants the medication to bypass the gut can use a transdermal gel, oral drops or lozenge.

Compounding pharmacies like Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding benefit patients widely as it would already be easy for children to take their medications without having the trouble of choking from big tablets. Patients can already avoid certain chemical non-active components of a medicine to avoid allergy or simple wants their medicines to be gluten-free or dye-free. For medicines that only cater to a small number of patients, compounding pharmacies can create these again specially for them.

Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding develop unique formulations and dosage forms to meet the specific needs of the patients! We provide the most effective and legitimately-approved compounded medications to make it easy for you to comply and take your medicines! For more information and assistance, you may call us today at this number: 201-942-9777. You can also email us at medicineman511@gmail.com!